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  • The Weirdness of the Ellie Controversy

    The Weirdness of the Ellie Controversy



    If you’ve been on the internet in the past week, you may have heard talk about “Ellie.” Ellie started out being the first female player on Second Wind, an Overwatch Contenders team. Contenders is essentially the Minor League of Overwatch esports, and to add a woman to Second Wind was a pretty big deal. The…

  • Ashe Announcement Means More of the Same

    Ashe Announcement Means More of the Same



    The creative team at Blizzard Entertainment has done it again! Announced at Blizzcon, a new character is joining the Overwatch roster. Elizabeth Caledonia “Calamity” Ashe (what a name) is the 29th hero. She’s a snarky, badass lady. She founded the Deadlock Gang and rules by the policy “her way or the highway.” She gives more…

  • 10 Gifs That Perfectly Describe Gamers on Live Chat

    10 Gifs That Perfectly Describe Gamers on Live Chat

    Let’s face it, almost all of the bigotry that comes from online gaming comes straight from the live chat. Whether it’s via text form or over voice chat, you always get a slew of gamers who just do not know when to stop talking. Sometimes you’ll find feminist-friendly servers, or at least a match full…

  • Sex In The Raccoon City

    Sex In The Raccoon City

    If you’ve played the Resident Evil games, you’ll notice the hallmark of the franchise has always been zombies trying to eat you thanks to the virus du jour. Now, when fighting bio-weapons in these games, you need to be prepared. This is obvious in the first couple of games. It’s important to follow the Raccoon City Zombie Survival…

  • Andromeda’s All About Women

    Andromeda’s All About Women

    Mass Effects’ Milky Way galaxy was cool and all, but right now, Andromeda is where it’s at. Sure, plenty of people have finished the game and are bitching about it, but whatev, I’m enjoying it. However, let’s focus on what the game is really about. WOMEN, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN. The Andromeda galaxy is overflowing with…

  • Let’s Talk About Nudity

    Let’s Talk About Nudity

    Ever noticed how tits ‘n ass are all we ever see in sex scenes? The Witcher has hundreds of sex scenes throughout the series, and yet, have you ever seen Geralt’s penis? It seems like every sex scene in any 18+ rated game is filled with boobs and naked females aplenty, but men’s genitals are almost too sacred to…