Author: Allison Midori Reilly

  • Maternity Leave and Democracy 3

    Maternity Leave and Democracy 3

    I purchased Democracy 3 on Steam in June 2014 after watching Sips play the game on YouTube and feeling incredibly frustrated with how he played the game. Everything was dandy. My first seven hours into the game were fantastic. During hour eight, however, I noticed the connections below when hovering over the “Maternity Leave” bubble in…

  • Post-Escapism and Video Games

    Post-Escapism and Video Games

    Post-escapism, according to Daniel Goldberg and Linus Larsson in The State of Play, is a “discourse that looks for meaning beyond entertainment and the joy of play… post-escapism understands games by placing them in social, political and cultural context. It finds value in what game says about the world around it.” Yes, it’s a place where…