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  • Conquering the Cyber Kingdom: Analyzing Bowsette

    Conquering the Cyber Kingdom: Analyzing Bowsette

    On Sept. 19, Twitter user haniwa (@ayyk92) posted a fan comic whose conclusion focused on a blonde woman with horns, a visual mix of official characters Princess Peach and Bowser from Nintendo’s Super Mario franchise. This fan creation would be nicknamed Bowsette. The fan comic has now garnered over 80 thousand retweets and motivated many to post…

  • Fat-Shaming in Villain Design

    Fat-Shaming in Villain Design

    The problem of fat-shaming stems from many places. First and foremost, it comes from the alarmist tendencies of reporting on the “obesity epidemic.” It comes from doctors seeking money from pharmaceutical companies, prescribing weight loss medications, cholesterol medications, and various procedures to people who typically do not even need them. It comes from a lack…

  • 5 Deeply Insecure Donkey Kong Images

    5 Deeply Insecure Donkey Kong Images

    Hey you, have 5 pictures of Donkey Kong that reveal a deeply insecure, broken ape, sheltering under a protective veil of hyper masculinity, because Tuesday. There is An Idea of Donkey Kong This masterpiece is from Donkey Kong ’94. You’ll notice that even during peak capturing hours, he still finds time to put on his…