Weapon Dating Sim Boyfriend Dungeon Looks Bae AF

I’ve never really clicked with dating sims like Boyfriend Dungeon before. Not because I’m an emotionless husk with no ability to forge meaningful relationships. I mean, yes, but that’s not why. It might be because I’m too susceptible to this sort of thing, and once I digitize my love life along with everything else, there’s pretty much no reason for me to leave the house again. Also, pigeons never did it for me. I mean, aside from this guy, obviously.

Sexy Firepower

Weapons though? Weapons I understand. Show me the weapon button and let me hit things with it and I’m cool. But weapons you can date? Romantic moonlit dalliances with Cloud’s Buster Sword? Tender trysts with Gordon Freeman’s wrench? Sun drenched lakeside picnics with Lara Croft’s pistols – go away Lara I did not invite you just the pistols! Sign me up Kitfox Games. Sign me up now.

You can check out the trailer for Boyfriend Dungeon below. It’s set to release next year, hopefully with a soundtrack for the awesome music written and recorded specifically for the game. Check back soon on New Normative for more of our thoughts in the future. I’ll be killing time trying to woo the BFG9000 with heartfelt sonnets.

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Nic Reuben

Nic Reuben likes to pause games every five minutes to ponder the thematic implications of explosive barrel placement. When he’s not having an existential crisis over CAPTCHA verifications that ask him to prove he’s not a robot, he’s reading sci-fi and fantasy short stories, watching cartoons, and mourning the writing standards in Game of Thrones.