Author: Olivia Carass

  • Link is Genderfluid

    Link is Genderfluid

    The release of Breath of the Wild is still on everyone’s minds and on everyone’s Switch consoles. This is a game that appeals to a wide spectrum of people of all backgrounds and all genders. We see everything through Link’s eyes and so he is adapted in our eyes to suit our own head canons. That…

  • Hidden Agenda or Gay Agenda?

    Hidden Agenda or Gay Agenda?

    I played Hidden Agenda with a fellow bisexual woman and two straight men but we were all in agreement: “Becky and Felicity are definitely banging.” That’s right, the actual hidden agenda of the game is the gay agenda. Hidden Agenda is a recent release by Supermassive Games, the developers who also made Until Dawn. It’s…

  • Make Your Characters Overweight, You Cowards

    Make Your Characters Overweight, You Cowards

    We all grew up gaming but some of us grew up overweight. As we all know, an immersive experience in a game can be a liberating one, it’s escapism. A lot of the time its much needed. Every so often though, we all need a nudge to remind us that it’s okay to be who you…