Let’s Blame the Boogeyman for Call of Duty: World War 2’s Diversity

Some gamers are upset over some additions in Call of Duty: World War 2. Their first thought, of course, is to blame the Social Justice Mafia rather than think that it might be a marketing decision.

What changes am I referring to? The developers put pride flag calling cards into the Multiplayer. Yeah calling cards, they’re small images and only show up on deaths and if you go looking for them. These are also just starter calling cards, even proud LGBTQIA folks are going to swap them out for cooler looking ones eventually.

LGBTQIA people play videogames?! Oh god no!

Other common complaints include there are no swastikas, no country flags,  the inclusion of black female axis fighters, and how it’s historically inaccurate. Alright, I don’t agree with black female soldiers fighting for the Nazis, it’s more than a little weird that one of the races hated by Nazis would fight for them. So I do agree that that one is out of place.

Money, Not Politics

The others are likely marketing decisions. Call of Duty is published by Activision, a company that releases video games on all platforms and is considered “AAA”. The point of AAAs is that they make and sell games that appeal to as wide an audience as possible in order to make more money. Previously Call of Duty’s demographic was teenage and young male adults, they realize other groups like their games and are trying to include them.

The lack of swastikas is likely due to restrictions in countries like Germany where they won’t sell games with Swastikas. If Call of Duty WW2 had Swastikas (as well as mentions of Hitler, SS, Sieg Heil, and 88) the game would be blacklisted and no one in Germany could buy it. Country flags are probably missing because they’re waiting for a tournament to release country flags and charge you for them, they’ve done it before.

Despite the LGBT community not existing (in the way it does now, at least) during WW2 there were gay and trans groups that existed at that time. Nazis tried to eradicate us and our history. The Nazi government censorship program burned medical books, outlawed sex books, and banned organized gay groups. They set back trans and gay people quite a bit. If interested look up Institut Für Sexualwissenschaft, the Institute of Sex Research, a group that studied homosexuality, trans people, and nonbinary people while also fighting for their rights.

Now if you want to talk about historical inaccuracies let’s talk about Nazi Zombies and super human genetic modification that makes me shoot lightning from my body when I reload. Those darn SJWs!

The calling card wasn’t enough so I made an emblem <3
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