You’ll Never Guess Who I Interviewed About Detective Pikachu

Unless you guessed normal, not talking Pikachu. Then yeah. You did guess it. I was so thankful  to have an opportunity to interview the one, the only (but not really the only) Pikachu. You can read the blessed words we shared bellow.

Emi: So how’s life treating you Pikachu?

Pikachu: Pika. Pika. Chu.


Yeah I know, this political climate right now is wild! But things on your end seem pretty crazy too.

Pika, pikachu. Pikapika chu.


That’s right Detective Pikachu! The game is coming over here to the US,  the movie was announced. Big moves happening over in the Pikachu world.

Pikachu pikapika pikachu. Pikachu pikachu pikachu.


Yeah, I wish Danny Devito was providing the voice for Detective Pikachu too.

Pika pika pikachu.


Yeah and the game looks really fun too. Everytime I play Professor Layton games I just think to myself, damn I wish there were Pokémon in this.

Pikapika chu. Pikachu chu.


You think my girlfriend is attractive? I mean thank you, but how do you even know who she is.



Are you stalking me?



No I will not let you go on a date with my girlfriend Pikachu. That’s just simply ridiculous.

Pikapikapika chu pikachu pikachu. Pikachu pika pikachu chu pikachu pikachu. Pikapikapikapikapikapika chu. Pikachu.


No… You’re wrong. She doesn’t love you, she loves me! I know she does… I…. I know she does. Why Pikachu? Why are you doing this to me?

It’s because… It’s because I always wanted to be with you.


Oh that makes sense! You’re the bomb Pikachu!

Thanks to Pikachu for taking the time to… whatever.

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Emi Schaufeld

Emi is a 22 year old filmmaker, comedy writer, and game player. She is passionate about making work that is both comedic and socially important. Her go-to Mario Odyssey outfit is Mario wearing boxers and a Diddy Kong hat. She thinks he looks cute like that.

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    Cameron Blair


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    Rowan Idris Carmichael

    … Please get the sleep you need.

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      Emi Upsome Schaufeld

      sleep is for the weak and i am clearly very very very strong

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