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Olivia is a 24 year old writer and web series show runner who tries to create the inclusivity she can’t find in other media. She believes the gaming community should be a safe space for everyone and wants to help make that happen. She spends most of her time hoping Overwatch’s Tracer is proud of her.

Link is Genderfluid

The release of Breath of the Wild is still on everyone’s minds and on everyone’s Switch consoles. This is a game that appeals to...
Becky Marnie clad in her police uniform next to the Hidden Agenda title card

Hidden Agenda or Gay Agenda?

I played Hidden Agenda with a fellow bisexual woman and two straight men but we were all in agreement: “Becky and Felicity are definitely banging.” That’s...

Make Your Characters Overweight, You Cowards

We all grew up gaming but some of us grew up overweight. As we all know, an immersive experience in a game can be a...