How About a Poem?

They say that crying is worthless.

But those are simply lies.

It’s when your throat burns with salty tears,

that the pain truly subsides.

The hurt will never go away,

the pain will never stop,

but there must be a way to let it out

or the aching will turn to rot.


We lock our doors to friends,

and family alike,

just to play as someone else –

to let fantasy take flight.

Through gaming we escape the world

that holds so much pain and strife,

but we forget, as gamers do, that gaming is not life.


If life is simply too much to bear,

it’s easy to escape, into a war-torn kingdom,

or whatever alternate world, we can gladly take

over what we feel inside, when outside that locked room,

because to face the world means facing oneself,

and the inevitable, affective doom

of being an outcast, a pariah, or recluse:

Judgement is a human trait

with which people, intensify inadequacy

And fuel our throbbing hate,

of any and all censure,

as is the human way,

and so again we escape this world,

and live another day

as someone else, someone better,

though the condemning eyes persist.


But at the back of our minds,

we see the truth:

our games do not exist.


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Belinda Brock

Belinda is a passionate gamer with a passion for writing about her gaming experiences. She loves all things (J)RPG and sifts fanatically through the internet to find any and every one until she has played them all. You may not agree with her opinion, but freedom of speech is not yet illegal and she will take advantage of that for as long as she can.

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