Andromeda’s All About Women

Mass Effects’ Milky Way galaxy was cool and all, but right now, Andromeda is where it’s at. Sure, plenty of people have finished the game and are bitching about it, but whatev, I’m enjoying it. However, let’s focus on what the game is really about.


The Andromeda galaxy is overflowing with #girlpower. Lady Krogan, lady Quarian, lady Angara, and of course, lady Humans. And they’re all in top-end positions of badassery. Heck, even your crew has a ton of women on it! We’re not talking about half-boob ladies either. I mean, yeah, some of these women have supermodel bodies, but that’s not what makes them memorable. We’re talking multifaceted, well-constructed women who know what they want, from Suvi, a totes adorbs scientist with a religious heart and communion with God, to Cora, a former Asari commando who stands up for what’s right and stands by your side.

Aside from our crew of talented women (there’s men too, don’t worry people), there’s two awesome female figures you learn about from the get-go. They are Nakmor Kesh and the Moshai.

Kesh is a krogan who is basically in charge of the Nexus, the main hub in Andromeda. She’s the adopted granddaughter of your crewmate Drack. According to Drack, without Kesh, Krogan wouldn’t have any input in the establishment of the Andromeda galaxy.

Then we’ve got the Moshae. She’s a zen religious figure of the Angaran people, a new race in Andromeda. To keep from spoiling a beginning key plot point, that’s all I’ll say about the Moshae. But trust me when I say she’s awesome.

When it comes to women in Andromeda, they persisted.

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