Gender at E3: Devolver Digital

The Devolver Digital presser was less of a conference and more of a surrealist skit, but it was a surrealist skit with plenty of women in it.

Primarily headed up by Nina Struthers’ unblinking comedic presence, she was joined by bit characters like the scientist Margaret as things devolved (hah) into body horror and gore.

Even their fake crowd shots were pretty diverse.

Technically, Devolver passed the Bechdel test

As with every conference so far, Youtubers made an appearance. In fact, after a brief “Pre Pre Show” featuring three men and a woman, the show opened with four women from What’s Good Games deciding that Devolver wasn’t worth their time.

devolver digital

Not to mention that the finale was to poke fun at legions of angry internet commenters.

I’m not sure what we got, exactly, from this conference, but, good job Devolver. You really captured the spirit of E3 and let women take the lead in it.

Bring Nina back for more events.

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Jay Castello

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