What’s One Angry Gamer So Pissed Off About?

What you’re about to read has the potential to piss you off, but for all I know you may find it funny. With that stated, let me make something clear: I hate politics. For the most part it ruins lives and relationships. Why do you have to mention that? You might be wondering. Because we are (in a broad sense) going to bring politics into this fascinating world of gaming. Hopefully, none of this has caused you to click away. If not, then let’s jump into this rabbit hole of One Angry Gamer

Imagine a site similar to NewNormative. A place where gaming news, thoughts and opinions happen. Now take that site and very discreetly (and sometimes blatantly) throw the toxicity of Gamer Gate into some of their articles and thus we have One Angry Gamer or OAG for acronyms sake. Now, I’m 24 and naive when it comes to Gamer Gate, that is until I dove headfirst into taking a closer look at OAG.

“DIEversity” – Clever?

One Angry Gamer, ingeniously takes opportunities to push the Gamer Gate agenda. They’ll try and make it seem sophisticated or fun in order to lure you. Here’s a few examples of the shittyness I encountered in the first 20 minutes of reading. Editor Billy D thinks Tate Multimedia is being forced to have a black female character in their game Steel Rats because apparently there’s no way anyone with creative freedom would ever do that. What do some of the highly intelligent OAG consumers say about this? Here’s some of their Angry Comments such as: “more DIEversity = less sales…”  But hey, that’s just one article and one person’s opinion, you may be thinking, but then there’s another amazing example, “‘She doesn’t care what men think! Good for her, because men don’t care that she doesn’t care. Have fun losing money!” says another commenter in an ugly story about Tessa Thompson’s Ragnork character.

OAG comes across as incredibly Alex Jonesish and the hyperbolic claims are laughable to the scale of Ancient Aliens. If only they weren’t so serious about themselves they could be The Onion of gaming. Now look, I get it. It’s Gamer Gate. Gamer Gate has basically become the internet’s version of the KKK: super misogynistic, white males, all wanting to complain and “preserve” gaming and OAG has become one of their outlets.

Full angry comment of OAG reader

There’s an immense amount of irony, fear, and bewilderment when it comes to Gamer Gate and OAG. In later articles, we can delve into the various aspects of that. For now, if you enjoy Trump, Fox News, Alex Jones check out OAG. If not we at New Normative have a few articles that may interest you.

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18 responses to “What’s One Angry Gamer So Pissed Off About?”

  1. I remember that site. There is actually a very good interview of Chris Avellone on it, in which the interviewer tries at multiple points to bring about the Gamergate agenda, but Chris never takes the bait.

    1. They’re confusing to me. On one hand they run some decent news and such, and Billy definitely puts some research time into some of his articles. Unfortunately the ugliness really shines through.

      That Avellone interview is interesting btw. Chris definitely deflects multiple times. (it’s on the old blogjob version of OAG if anyone’s looking for it btw)

      1. Well, you can have absolutely terrible ideas and opinions and still do an alright job. Chuck Dixon I hear is basically the poster boy for that kind of thing in comics.

      2. What might this Ugliness be your trying to accuse people like me off? the fact tjat we call out hypocrisy for what it is the fact that most Anti-Gamergate people have turned out to be sexual predators or rapist, The thing they accused Gamergaters of being?

        Can you actually get any fact on this or is that just your assumption or are you yourself driven by an agenda? It isn’t people like us who force change on an industry that had nothing wrong with it.

        1. Deleted for being a jackass. “most Anti-Gamergate people have turned out to be sexual predators or rapist” HAHAHA!

          1. What’s wrong alrdy triggered?

          2. If you’re here just to troll I’ll ban you now and save us all the hassle. Let me know 🙂

          3. Like i said Proof not your assumptions! Like i said can you actually make an argument instead of the 4 year old fingers in the ears routine?

          4. Also I’m screen capping it all to show your bigotted nature so I’m not worried if you think banning will hide what I’m saying.

          5. RichardGristle Avatar


            That’s maybe, what, 1/3 of them?

          6. Wow, and here I thought there were more people against GG. Color me educated.

          7. hhhhhhhhhhh Avatar

            they literally have though. just look at the neogaf implosion lmao

  2. crizz1066 Avatar

    It’s full of whatever the opposite is of alot of the SJW.
    Comes across as a lot of ineffectual males, crying about imagined issues ect.

    Dare try and point out a different opinion and you’re a SJW cuck leftie pedo. I use the site as way to relieve a bit a stress and have a good laugh. The whinnying and some of the pseudoscience and facts are hilarious.

    1. Allan Yagamy Avatar
      Allan Yagamy

      “Dare try and point out a different opinion and you’re a SJW cuck leftie pedo”
      Indeed they go that way, and it’s funny, because they always go ballistic when a erotic anime game featuring obviously underage girls get’s pulled from steam or just criticized somehow.

  3. Allan Yagamy Avatar
    Allan Yagamy

    Old totalitarians told people to be wary of a Jewish/Capitalist/Masonic conspiracy that was out there plotting to destroy them. For this guys, it’s all a secret SJW society in the shadows coming to take their games.
    Recently I did read somebody saying “the biggest evil with ignorance is that it doesn’t know its own nature”. We can only hope that as time passes that bunch will realize how ridiculous they are and how they are hurting games by resurrecting the stigma of gaming being something for immature people that took so much to get rid of.

  4. Alistair Avatar

    Hmm let’s have a look at this very site it only fair.

    I not see news just a belittle of another site. and use the gamergate a consumer revolt. To your agenda.

    Maybe if games are not being censored, remember games are for fun right, so what does it matter if it Uncensored.

    and who again let me rephrase that how many got caught doing wrong doings not the side you may think but the other side.

    The second comment rings a bell too wonder who said that. 🤔

  5. OY VEY!

  6. Nerd Rage = Clicks =Money. I don’t think the site is truly mad about anything, they just situate themselves as proponents of embittered gaming zeitgeist for profit. Billy is just Ann Coulter.

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