5 On Fleek Palicoes from Monster Hunter: World

Welp. The Monster Hunter: World beta has been and gone, and now we’re all left waiting patiently until January of next year to slice off the tails of ridiculously big reptiles with ridiculously bigger-er axes. The beta showcased some hallmarks of the series  – like lengthy, epic battles and insanely convoluted menu interfaces -but brought everything up to date in a package that’s as visually impressive as it is expansive. I thought about listing my favourite weapons in the beta, but there were so many it was an impossible choice. Also, everyone knows the weapons, the inventory, and heck, even the monsters themselves, are all just set dressing for the main event: Palicoe fashion choices. Here’s 5 ridiculously on fleek palicoes to keep you going until Monster Hunter: World drops.

1. This Spicy MewserMonster Hunter World

2. This tasteful steampunk ensemblemonster hunter world

3. This fierce athleisure get-upMonster Hunter World

4. This is pretty derivative of number 2, if I’m honest. It’s like you’re not even trying. I’m not sure if this is going to work out.
Monster Hunter World

5. Thanks for stepping back in at such short notice. I know right? What a dick.monster hunter world

Uh…monster hunter worldOh…

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