A Complete Right-Wing Gamer Boycott List

If there’s one thing that the right-wing is known for, it’s their ability to take any difference of opinion or viewpoint with good humour. Unlike snowflakes who are consistently offended by literally everything and demand that things vanish or change, the right-wing has a mighty thick skin.

Except they don’t, they are consistently and bafflingly offended and outraged by the most minor and trivial of things. Coming with this outrage culture is their absolute worship of the free market, which means there’s no better way of getting what you want than a boycott.

Right-boycotts are a fantastic example of their so-hated virtue signalling. Pledging not to support brands that upset them by having some form of human decency is a perfect way to show just how alt-right you. There’s a big section of the gaming community that engages with this. Do they stick to these boycotts? Probably not. We’ve compiled a list of every gaming company that those on the right should be boycotting. Otherwise, you might be supporting SJWs.

The AAA’s that Deserve a Boycott

  • Activision/ Blizzard – With Activision and Blizzard now tied up in the same parent company, one wrong step from either takes a lot of games out of the equation. Unfortunately, this has already happened with the removal of a flag from some gloves in Destiny. This move was unbelievably insulting to everyone who has the time and energy to be upset by companies trying not to upset people.

Right-Wing Boycott Gaming

  • Bethesda – Bethesda recently published a Wolfenstein game. which was anti-Nazi. You cannot support a game publisher or developer who is against your God-given right to identify as a Nazi. It’s a violation of our free speech. They’re making out that Nazis are bad! They deserve a boycott.
  • BiowareUsers of Reddit were quick to notice that Bioware hires developers despite their race or gender. This is clearly a case of hiring for the sake of diversity rather than just hiring the right person for the job, which as every good ring-winger knows is always a straight white male. That rules them out. Anything developed by Bioware is off-limits until they remember that games should be made by straight white males for straight white males.

More Outrageous AAAs

  • Game Freak – Developer of the Pokémon Games changed the design of the Pokémon Jynx to avoid it looking like blackface. This was done before our culture devolved into this current cluster-fuck, so no one was that upset about it. What was wrong with the world in the early 2000s that a company could slightly change something to avoid offending people?

Right-Wing Boycott Gaming

  • Insomniac Games – Insomniac may have released one of the biggest and most loved games of the year with Spider-Man, but that doesn’t mean you should play it. That daft cucked company was against Trump’s travel ban. I hear they also give speaking roles to women and that’s just disgusting, a firm boycott is needed to fix this.
  • Nintendo – Nintendo has consistently engaged in censorship of their products, particularly in Fire Emblem. Why would they remove a section of a game where you get to touch up kids? Because they’re communists that’s why. It doesn’t stop there either, they continued to censor Fire Emblem in newer games like Smash Bros. This rules out all Nintendo projects.
  • Rockstar – Rockstar’s recent release Red Dead Redemption 2 gives players free rein to murder the KKK. This sort of insulting treatment towards upstanding patriots won’t be tolerated. All Rockstars products are to be boycotted, with the punishment of being branded a liberal.
  • Square Enix – Square Enix published the loathful Life is Strange 2, a game that regularly vilifies those patriotic people who hate groups of people because of the colour of their skin. Giving any money to this company is now off-limits.

Smaller Developers That Equally Deserve a Boycott

  • Campo Santo – The developer of Firewatch had the bad fortune of trying to stop a popular YouTuber saying racial slurs while streaming their game. You can probably guess which Youtuber. Clearly having a bad reaction to a racist is infringing of all of our freedoms. It has to stop. How do you stop people infringing on your freedom to be a racist? Yeah, boycott it.

Right-Wing Boycott Gaming

  • Chucklefish – Chucklefish published Stardew Valleya game that allows you to peruse same-sex romance if you chose too. This sort of thing is just ramming homosexuality down our throats. You need to avoid all games published by them. This sort of stuff gets more complicated when buying indies. If in doubt, be sure to ask the rest of /Kotakuinaction before you buy anything.
  • Bluehole/PUBG – You can play as a woman in PUBG. Outrageous.
  • CD Projekt Red – Developer of The Witcher series bravely took to Twitter earlier this year to trigger some SJWs. Unfortunately, they didn’t double down on this brave act. This has shown them to be complicit in snowflake culture by not continuing to insult people. They can’t be supported, boycott them until they return to their hilarious Twitter triggering.
  • 2K Games – 2K Game’s Civilization series glorifies communism. It’s a dangerous political system that can’t be allowed to be shown in anything other than a negative light. If not, we could question if millionaires have our best interests at heart? That kind of thinking can only be bad, save yourself from these dangerous ideas by boycotting.

Other Companies You Can’t Engage With

  • Amazon – You can’t buy your games through Amazon anymore. Amazon’s owner Jeff Bezos supported not imprisoning migrant children. He has also spoken out against Donald Trump on a few occasions, and that’s just not right. He is pretty committed to utilising slave labour. However, one outspoken comment against the President is enough for a boycott for life.

Right-Wing Boycott Gaming

  • Best Buy – You can’t buy your games here either. The CEO of Best Buy also spoke out against removing The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Program.
  • Humble Bundle – The Humble Bundle has kindly sent some of its charitable proceeds to organisations that question the wisdom of Donald Trump. As you well know, he’s infallible. Boycott Humble Bundle, actually while we’re at it let’s just boycott all charity on the off chance.
  • Intel – Like to play games on a PC? It can’t have any intel inside. They pulled out of Trump’s manufacturing group and why should you let other people’s actions and morals not massively affect you?
  • Any Gaming Website that Doesn’t Spend 77% of It’s Time Talking About How It Won’t Talk About Politics – Any gaming site that doesn’t cover its own lack of political discussion in your favourite hobby is one to avoid. If they just don’t talk about politics much, still steer clear. The only way to be sure SJWs aren’t ruining your favourite hobby with their identity politics is to be constantly reminded of the existence of SJWs who want to ruin your favourite hobby with identity politics.

When you go to consume your favourite video games, make sure that you check this list. It’s the only way to be sure that you’re not supporting a company that engages in that most heinous of crimes, disagreeing with you.

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