The Top 5 Androgynous Style Icons in Video Games

In an industry where queer representation leaves much to be desired, it’s tough for gender-nonconforming gamers to find characters whose gender presentation matches their own. Of course, the aesthetics of androgyny aren’t exclusive to queer folks, nor do gender-nonconforming people universally present androgynous. Whether you consider androgyny to be a part of your presentation or not, I’ve compiled a list of 5 legendary style icons that any fashion-forward individual can look up to.

Link – The Legend of Zelda Series

A comparison of Link's Gerudo outfit from the front and back. The outfit include a light blue veil, blue and green crop top, and dark blue, knee high sirwal.

After sporting the same green tunic for 30 years, Link has finally expanded his wardrobe. In his most recent Breath of the Wild appearance, the Guardian of the Triforce has revealed courageous new color choices, shown wisdom in accessorizing, and made powerful fashion statements.

Rating: 10/10 for an industry veteran who knows how to stay ahead of the trends.

Chloe Price – Life is Strange Series

A shoulder-up screenshot of Chloe Price. She is wearing a black beanie over her dyed blue hair, a red tank top with a black leather vest, and a necklace with three bullet charms.

Here we have a character well-versed in classic androgynous fashion sensibilities. The dyed hair, leather vest, and bullet necklace are all nods to the punk movement, which challenged both societal standards of beauty and gender. Chloe’s original voice actor, Ashly Burch, has also stated in an interview that she headcanons Chloe as gender-fluid.

For her stylish homage on an old-school look, we’re awarding Chloe a 10/10 rating.

Jodariel – Pyre

An image of Jodariel, a demon with large spiraling horns. She is wearing a blue cloak with a red scarf, and a grey metal breastplate.

While there’s nothing inherently ground-breaking about Jodariel’s simple and functional getup, this is one demon who knows the power of accessorizing. Check out her well-manicured horns, enormous biceps, and plate armor. With intense, dramatic eye shadow bringing it all together, she’s transformed her uniform into an athletic-wear sensation.

Jodariel earns a 10/10 for both style and the ability to crush a bowling ball with her bare hands.

Bolt – Crypt of the Necrodancer

A full body portrait of Bolt. They have bright purple hair, large bolt-like earrings, a yellow sleeveless tunic, and dull green pants with brown boots.

Bright purple and yellow are hardly safe color choices, but you have to respect Bolt’s dedication to their brand. An expert eye will note that they’re actually playing to the strengths of their warm undertones. The more muted bottoms also help to balance out their overall look. Bonus points are in order for staying true to the androgynous trademark of exposed arms.

Bolt’s rating? You guessed it: 10/10. That’s a look that few others could pull off so well.

Napstablook – Undertale

An image of Napstablook. They are laying on their side wearing headphones. They are also a ghost.

Of all the fashion pioneers assembled, Napstablook is the only one who understands that there’s nothing more androgynous than being a literal ghost. If that’s not feasible, completely concealing one’s physical form will also work. That’s why I’m writing this article from my bed, covered in comfy blankets.

12.5/10 a true androgynous icon.

There you have it, folks. I hope you’ve derived plenty of enjoyment and even more fashion tips from this article. If you think I’ve left out any style icons who should have made the list, let me know in the comments!

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